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Free Simple yet full-featured text editor with extra functionality for programmers
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DesyEdit is a free text editor which looks as a simple WordPad-like tool and has the functionality of a full-featured text processor. Designed with the needs of programmers in mind, this text editor supports syntax highlighting and comes with a useful hexadecimal editor. It covers all the most widely used text formats and languages, such as XML, HTML, C++, and Java.

Its small size and simple look and feel allows DesyEdit to load in a blink, taking up very few of your system’s resources. Once open, however, this editor will surprise you with all its features. Though described by its developer as a “FUNCware” application - meaning “Freely Use No Complain” – programmers will surely miss very few (if any) of the features that commercial text editors usually provide.

You can open as many windows as needed simultaneously – navigating from one to the next is easily done through a simple tab system. DesyEdit can detect the operating system you are using and the file format you are trying to open and edit, and it will behave accordingly. Thus, when it comes to highlighting the various syntactic elements of the file, it will use a different color combination for each text format. Besides, this multiplatform and multiformat flexibility will let you convert your text files in between formats easily.

Together with all the basic editing functionality that you would expect from any text editor (copy, paste, replace, search, etc.), DesyEdit comes with full macro support (to let you create and edit your own macros), bookmark functionality (to select specific locations within long files), FTP client support (to allow you to edit any file directly from its FTP location), and an HEX viewer for binary file editing. There are more, many more features, but I will not be listing them all here. Being a free tool, just download it and try it for yourself. You will surely be pleasantly surprised.

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  • Portable version available
  • Customizable syntax highlighting
  • Macro support
  • HEX editing available


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